Demarcation and Boundary Survey

Demarcation and Boundary Survey

Qualified and experienced land surveyors we are constantly involved in every element of property boundaries and demarcations; whether it is positioning undefined boundaries or assisting in resolving boundary disputes between neighboring owners.

We are often instructed to act as an expert witness in boundary disputes and asked to provide the court with detailed boundary survey reports, evidence and statements to resolve ownership disagreements.

In addition to the conventional role of the land surveyors we also provide a file plan comparison service to compare existing site features, documented legal plans and site surveys to then liaise with HM Land Registry in order to resolve problems early in order to prevent boundary disputes occurring.

  • Expert Witness
  • Comparison with HM Land Registry File Plans
  • Demarcation of properties
  • Land parcel surveys
  • Boundary dispute resolutions

The demarcation, or the transfer of the delineation document to the terrain, is almost purely a technical operation, carried out jointly by the surveyors, acting as boundary engineers, of both parties. The result is a record of great importance in avoiding future disputes.